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High-touch TMC with Global Reach and Technical Savvy

DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY? Travel expenses are a company’s second highest controllable expense, second only to salary and benefits. It is essential you are on top of this segment of your business to make certain you receive the very best value for your dollars spent. A well-managed business travel program can save you up to 24% on your total travel spend. We can partner with you to create that program. It is what we do best.

DO YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME? Let a full-service travel management company book your travel. We can free up your travelers to do what they do best ... their job. Let us do ours. It is what we do best.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR TRAVELERS WANT? Travelers are looking to get more, for preferably less. They want a personal approach, excellent service and rapid flexibility in travel matters. We offer that. We understand the needs of the “road warriors” as well as those of the CEO. It is what we do best.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR TRAVELERS ARE? We do. If your travelers are booking on 15 different sites, do you know where they are? With our Travel Management Program, we know how to find them, we know how to take care of them and we know how to get them home. It is what we do best.

DID YOU KNOW THE PROCESS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT? We understand that entrusting your business travel to a new provider can be an anxious and intimidating process. We will take this on and do it for you if you will allow us the opportunity. It is what we do best.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OUR COMMITMENT? We are committed to deliver what we promise. Using industry leading technology, we provide extraordinary customer service and proven cost management capabilities. It is what we do best.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE? Our highly experienced corporate travel team makes all the difference in the world. Their skill, knowledge and dedication is second to none. They mesh all the components of a successful travel management program – service – cost savings – technology. When combined together, we can deliver a travel management program that meets the needs of travelers, shows value to company management and meets the company goals and objectives. It is what we do best.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET SOME OF OUR CLIENTS? They say it best and we invite you to hear from them first-hand by accessing our YouTube video at

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Priority Focusing
"The travel management service provided by Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel makes our lives so much more focused on what it is that we're here to do for our business." Doug B., La Crosse, WI
Exceptional Service
"I would describe the service at Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel as exceptional!Cheryl D., La Crosse
The Value of Working With Our Travel Mgmt. Team
"After fighting with airlines and hotels, it has really taught me the value of working through professionals who understand the game and have connections with the right people. If anyone out there is unhappy with their current agency or trying to do this on their own, go with Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel. You'll be amazed at how much time you'll save - and when you run into difficulties on the road, which invariably happens, you'll be thrilled with the level of service you'll receive."Mark G., La Crosse, WI
I'd Never Go It Alone!
"I used to tell people my home address was Seat 2A - Northwest Airlines. As a worldwide traveler, in having to go back over the past 17 years, I can't imagine doing that without Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel. Plus, the reporting they provide allows us to "inspect what we expect", so that we can verify our travelers are staying within policy guidelines. I would tell a business who is considering using Travel Leaders to quit considering ... and use Travel Leaders!"John B., Phoenix, AZ
Problem-solving Geniuses!
"Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel knows how to work with you to find an approach and a solution. They problem-solve things I thought could never be fixed." Jay L., La Crosse, WI


Sherry Westby Sherry Westby
Leisure Sales Agent
Planning some time away from the office?

As a business professional you recognize the importance of time and finding a great value. When it comes to getting away from the office let the travel experts at Travel Leaders use their knowledge and connections to offer exclusive packages and amenities. From extending your business trip to take in the local scene to putting together a comprehensive family vacation, we can take your individual tastes and ideas and sculpt them into an unforgettable trip.

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