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Global Business Travel Management Services

Over the past 30 years, ABT has developed from a small tourism company into a dominant player for corporate travel management solutions. The key to ABT’s success has been its talented team of employees who are dedicated to superior customer service along with the ability to leverage the newest technologies to bring a solid solution to its customers. With offices located in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, ABT has built a strong network of staff that is highly skilled in the travel industry and specifically understands the needs of corporate travelers. Whether you need to set up a comprehensive corporate travel solution or simply need a question answered about travel planning, the team at ABT can help. The technology that ABT utilizes is specifically designed to save corporations time and money, and is optimized through cloud services and a proven IT infrastructure that is secure, efficient, and easily accessed with any internet-enabled device. Dedication to superior levels of customer service is a built in attribute of the ABT frame of mind. The attention to detail and assigned personal contacts will provide your corporation a higher degree of attention and quality for travel planning and procurement. ABT's partnerships give an added level of support, enabling its global customers even greater coverage for their travel management needs. With this expanded support, your business will realize higher quality and benefits for your travel management needs.


Above and beyond
Hi Tammy. I just wanted to let you know how helpful Ric was a few weeks back when my travel plans were turned on their head due to the tower fire at O'Hare. I had to get back to Chicago within 24 hours because I was leaving for an international trip. He was super helpful finding me a new flight and accommodations- and getting me back to Chicago in time. I cannot thank him enough and wanted to let you know he went above and beyond.Melissa A. Solutions Engineer Kenshoo
Great business partner
We at Spuntech had a difficulty in past on working with travel companies that do not understand the cost versus timing issue. In the past, I have been not been happy with the poor service on the Israel side. It is my great pleasure to say Ric is doing a fantastic job for ST and me. I appreciate his efforts on respecting my schedule versus pricing and everything else that makes it complicated. I really want to personally thank Ric and your team for the special effort to make this happen. I feel I can also speak for Rose who feels a major improvement in the process. I do not think the effort is ordinary and usual. I hope now we can translate this high level of service into all aspects of our relationship. I feel we have found a great business partner !Rob S. Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Responsiveness at all times
Hi Tammy - Wanted to send you a friendly note about Ric Lewis. I travel frequently with Kenshoo and find Ric to be a tremendous resource. He's always extremely pleasant to work with and responsive at all hours of the day. There have been a number of times that he's gone above and beyond when I have last minute changes to travel plans or special requests.Ryan B , Senior Director , Kenshoo
Exemplary Employees
Noam Miller has been a lifesaver in so many ways to us at Aljazeera America, but this weekend when I had a last minute travel that I didn't know how to handle because as an SVP I don't execute all the details, Noam jumped in despite being on leave. I knew she was off til 9/29 but she was automatically copied on my emergency request and she jumped right in and made a very difficult situation easy for me. Even before this I couldn't say enough good things about Noam, but this weekend exceeds all that. Thank you for having such an exemplary employee.Shannon H. SVP Al Jazeera America
Most professional & efficient
I do quite a bit of traveling for the network, and have been doing this kind of travel for a number of years at both Al Jazeera and CNN, I just wanted to tell you that Noam Miller has been one of the best, most professional and efficient people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I also know for certain that I’m not alone in that sentiment, as I’ve had conversations with other reporters, photographers and producers who name her specifically. It’s not an easy job, but the level of work she produces is appreciated more than I think she even realizes. I just figured it’d be nice to send you a note to let you know how highly she’s thought of. David A, Senior Producer/Reporter, AJAM


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